Class 6 All Single National Curriculum (SNC) Books Download 2024-2025

The Single National Curriculum (SNC) implements a standardized curriculum across Pakistan, including Punjab. However, it’s important to note that the current SNC textbooks for Class 6 are considered “experimental editions” by the Punjab Curriculum and Textbook Board (PCTB). This means they might undergo revisions before becoming finalized.

Here’s an overview of the currently available SNC 6th Class Punjab textbooks:


  • Compulsory:
    • Urdu
    • English
    • Mathematics
    • Science (two versions: English Medium and Urdu Medium)
    • Islamiat (two versions: English Medium and Urdu Medium)
    • Pakistan Studies (two versions: English Medium and Urdu Medium)
  • Optional:
    • Computer Science (two versions: English Medium and Urdu Medium)
    • Punjabi (including “Adab Khazeeny” for literary focus)
    • Art & Drawing
    • Dhat Kari (Music)
    • Ghiza aur Ghizayat (Home Economics)
    • Parcha Bafi (Textile and Clothing)

Key Information:

  • Availability: You can access PDFs of most textbooks on the PCTB website:
  • Language: Most textbooks are available in both English and Urdu versions.
  • Content: The content focuses on developing core knowledge, skills, and values aligned with national learning objectives.
  • Pedagogy: Textbooks often incorporate interactive activities, critical thinking prompts, and project-based learning opportunities.

Limitations of Current Information:

  • As mentioned, the SNC textbooks for Class 6 are experimental and might change.
Download Class 6 Free PDF Books

It is the class 6 PDF books are accessible for download at no cost. The books are of high-quality and are available for download through the links available by the Punjab Curriculum and Textbook Board’s official site.

The publications are offered to purchase online in English, Urdu, and Punjabi languages. Each book is created to provide a specific topic and provides a comprehensive informational material that is simple to comprehend and comprehend.

The books are in the format of PDF this means that they can be downloaded and saved on any device like a smartphone or tablet. This allows students to download books at any time and wherever, without needing the burden of carrying heavy books.

Class 6 PDF books can be downloaded free of cost from the following links:

Questions & Answers

1. When did the SNC curriculum for 6th Class in Punjab become implemented?

The current SNC textbooks for 6th Class are considered “experimental editions” and haven’t been fully implemented yet. It’s expected to happen after revisions and finalization.

2. What are the core subjects covered in the SNC curriculum for 6th Class?

Core subjects include Urdu, English, Mathematics, Science, Islamiat, and Pakistan Studies.

3. Are there optional subjects available?

Yes, several optional subjects are available, including Computer Science, Punjabi, Art & Drawing, Dhat Kari (Music), Ghiza aur Ghizayat (Home Economics), and Parcha Bafi (Textile and Clothing).

4. Where can I access the SNC textbooks?

Most textbooks are available in PDF format on the Punjab Curriculum and Textbook Board (PCTB) website

5. What type of content is covered in the English textbook?

Unfortunately, specific details about textbook content are not readily available online. However, the SNC framework outlines learning objectives for each subject, which you can access here:

6. Does the Science textbook offer separate sections for Physics, Chemistry, and Biology?

No, the SNC Science textbook integrates these subjects into a single, unified curriculum.

7. What kinds of assessments are included in the textbooks?

Information about assessments within the textbooks is not publicly available. However, teachers might utilize additional resources and assessments based on SNC learning objectives.

8. Are there any online resources or apps that complement the SNC textbooks?

The PCTB website and SNC framework documents might offer additional resources. Exploring educational websites and apps aligned with the SNC curriculum could also be beneficial.


While the Single National Curriculum (SNC) represents a step towards standardization in Pakistani education, the current availability of finalized textbooks and detailed information about their content poses some challenges.

Positive aspects:

  • The SNC promotes consistency and shared learning objectives across provinces.
  • Textbooks are offered in both English and Urdu, catering to diverse language needs.
  • The focus on core knowledge, skills, and values aligns with national educational goals.

Areas for improvement:

  • The “experimental” status of 6th Class textbooks creates uncertainty about their final content.
  • Limited online information makes it difficult to assess specific learning activities and assessments.
  • The availability of supplementary resources to complement the textbooks remains unclear.

Overall, the SNC textbooks for 6th Class in Punjab hold promise for improved learning experiences. However, addressing current limitations regarding access to information and finalized content will be crucial for ensuring their effectiveness and smooth implementation.

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