Class 1 All Single National Curriculum (SNC) Books Download 2024-2025

Class 1 All Single National Curriculum (SNC) Books Download 2024-2025-The Single National Curriculum (SNC) for Class 1 in Pakistan aims to provide a holistic learning experience for children aged 5-6 years. It focuses on developing foundational skills in core subjects like:

 Punjab Curriculum & Textbook Board (PCTB) 

Core Subjects:

  • English: Learning basic phonics, letters, reading simple words and sentences, building vocabulary, understanding basic grammar concepts.
  • Urdu: Similar focus on alphabet, reading, writing, and understanding simple sentences in Urdu.
  • Mathematics: Counting, recognizing numbers, basic addition and subtraction, shapes, patterns, measurement concepts.
  • General Knowledge: Introduction to science, social studies, and Islamic studies through age-appropriate themes and activities.

Key Features:

  • Play-based learning: Curriculum emphasizes learning through games, activities, and exploration to make it engaging and enjoyable for young children.
  • Focus on development: Aims to foster overall development, including physical, cognitive, emotional, and social skills.
  • Integration of subjects: Concepts are often taught in a connected way, drawing links between different subjects for better understanding.
  • Assessment: Emphasis on ongoing assessments through observation, projects, and activities, rather than formal exams.

Learning Resources:

  • The Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training provides downloadable curriculum documents, learning plans, and textbooks for all subjects.
  • Many private publishers offer SNC-aligned textbooks and workbooks.
  • Online resources and educational apps can supplement learning.

Additional Notes:

  • The SNC is still under development, and some subjects may not have finalized resources yet.
  • Implementation may vary depending on the school and region.
  • It’s important to consult with your child’s teacher for specific details about the curriculum and learning activities.

Download Class One’s Free PDF Books

The books are available in English as well as English as well as Urdu languages. They cover all subjects taught in the first classroom. They are designed to meet the needs of children in their first years. They include vivid illustrations as well as fun activities to can make learning enjoy able.

These premium PDF books are available for download for free from the following hyperlinks:


  • It’s still under development: The SNC is a relatively new initiative, and aspects like resource availability and effective implementation are still evolving.
  • Outcomes require time: Judging the success of a curriculum requires tracking its impact on student learning and development over a sustained period.
  • Opinions vary: There are diverse perspectives on the SNC, with arguments for and against its potential benefits and drawbacks.

Therefore, instead of a conclusion, I can offer some key points to consider:

Potential benefits:

  • Equality and standardization: Aims to provide a consistent and equitable education for all children across socioeconomic backgrounds.
  • National integration: Promotes shared values and understanding through a unified curriculum.
  • Holistic development: Focuses on various aspects of child development beyond just academics.

Potential challenges:

  • Flexibility: One-size-fits-all approach might not cater to diverse learning styles and needs.
  • Implementation: Effective execution requires adequate resources, trained teachers, and consistent monitoring.
  • Social context: Success depends on addressing existing educational inequalities and social disparities.
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