Rethinking Calculus: Debating its Relevance in Modern Education

Rethinking Calculus:  Exploring the Controversy Surrounding the Role of Calculus in Contemporary Curriculum” In a majority of schools, children are taught basic arithmetic at elementary school. 

Then, they are forced to eat an “algebra-geometry-algebra sandwich” between middle school and high school, including algebra, geometry, and algebra. 

First year in algebra (sometimes called Algebra I) reinforces fundamental math while also introducing fractions. Introduced functions and variables signal the start of the familiar and mysterious transition. 

In linear and word problem problems “x is unknown” appears for the first time that for many is an indication of confusion instead of the discovery of an epistemological treasure hidden under the surface of the earth.

If the situation is critical and the math class is forced to travel back to the time of the ancient Greece to teach the most strict geometry debates (“Geometry”) which Euclid would have no problem substituting if he was still alive. 

Then, there is an entire year of school dedicated to studying math (“Algebra II. The Sequel !”), which, due to the year’s absence from x’s and y’s and numbers, requires an extensive review before returning to the new concepts (exponentials logarithms, logarithms, as well as polynomials) that can amuse or cause irritation, based on your tastes and personal preferences, as and your teacher.

For some, mathematics slows down there, while others benefit from an honors track that helps speed up the process. Students are progressively enrolled in precalculus, also known as calculus.

It is usually reintroduced during the beginning of college. It’s the last part of mathematics that a student can ever encounter. We sincerely apologize in the event of any unpleasant flashbacks or stomach indigestion that might occur.

It’s been a long time since the sandwich was eaten – and, more importantly it’s been a long time since the entire meal of math was eaten. If Levitt was of the opinion that his kids had been transported by air into his arithmetic classrooms, his parents were feeling the same. 

The infamous 1892 “Committee of Ten” which met at the request by the National Education Association to standardize public education is believed to have been instrumental in the genesis for the educational curriculum. 

It was their first step like every good committee ought to create additional committees with nine members total, each one charged with the study of an “principal subject that is incorporated into the curriculum of secondary schools across the United States and the requirements for college admission.”

Each of these subcommittees was then evaluated “the appropriate limits of its subject, the most effective methods of teaching and the most desirable amount of time needed for the subject, and the most effective method of assessing the students’ performance in the subject” as per the report of the committee. One of the subjects they considered was mathematics. Similar can be said concerning Latin or Greek.

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