The End Of Pi: An Infinite Enigma – Even 22 Trillion Digits Can’t Reach Its End

The End Of Pi :  Unraveling the Mysteries of Pi’s Endless Decimal Expansion and the Quest for Precision” Based on your beliefs regarding time, calendars, and such the present day is that 4.5 billionth Pi Day that Earth has been witness to. But this long time span is nothing when compared to the infinite number of pi itself.

A reminder for those who neglected your math lessons in seventh grade. 1.: Pi which is also pi, the Greek word ?, is a mathematical constant equivalent with the proportion of the circumference of a circle to its diameter – C/d. It’s within every circle and is approximately 3.14. (Hence Pi Day, which occurs on the 14th of March or 3-14.)

However, the simplicity of its definition reveals the fact that pi is considered to be the most intriguing and well-studied numbers in our world. Although treating pi as equivalent to 3.14 is usually sufficient however, the actual number goes for a long time, a random number that moves endlessly around and observing an undefined pattern — 3.14159265358979 …. 

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The End Of Pi: An Infinite Enigma - Even 22 Trillion Digits Can't Reach Its End, Math, News

It’s due to the fact that the number is an unreal number which means that it is not represented by the fraction of two complete numbers (although approximate numbers like 22/7 could be close).

However, that doesn’t stop us from slashing away at pi’s endless number of digits. We’ve been doing it for centuries.

People have been fascinated by pi for since the beginning of time when math was a subject we were able to comprehend. The ancient Egyptians were, according to an ancient document which also happens to be the oldest collection of math-related puzzles, were aware that pi was a number similar to 3.1. 

About a millennium later the estimation of pi appeared in the Bible in the Old Testament, in 1 Kings, seems to suggest the pi is 3 “And the Lord created a molten sea 10 cubits in length from one brim to the next and it was around … as well the line of thirty cubits did not compass it all the way around.”

Archimedes archimedes, the most famous mathematician from antiquity was able to get close to 3.141 at the time of around 250 B.C. 

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Archimedes figured out his calculus of pi geometrically by by sandwiching the circle within two straight edges of normal polygons. The process of measuring polygons was simpler than measuring circles. Archimedes calculated pi-like ratios as the number of polygons’ sides increased until they resembled circles.


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